A New Day Dawns

By Mary Lowe

January 21, we saw a host of people of all ages stream out of doors to embrace the message that all restrictions were lifted with one exception of mask wearing. Once again, we were given some hope to embrace without fear a new day. It is no secret that these past two year have radically changed how we view life.

We quickly learned that the everyday activities which we took for granted and looked forward to being rapidly changed or cancelled. We found ourselves with dizzying sensations to adapt and change while not knowing what to expect, We rapidly learned that our life which, we trusted could be so quickly torn apart,

As I write this, we are on eve of St. Brigid’s Day the threshold of Spring. The old Irish calendar welcomes Spring on this day. A new sense of hope beckons us forward to trust once more. Nature never disappoints. I hear from my family and friends about the sitting of the delicate snowdrops that brave pushing their delicate heads through the dark old soil to let us know that Spring is close by. Following soon behind them will be the host of golden daffodils that will grace our banks and gently sway in the breeze. They are another beacon of hope to greet us as we go on our way. Yes, nature beacons us to hope once more and is an assurance that there is always something to look forward to and never disappoints.

We can safely say that we have been through our dark night of the soul, however we are resilient people who have come through numerous tough times in the past. As we transition to a new normal, we bring with us many lessons learned and one of the strongest being that, we are to take nothing for granted and trust in the present moment. We are also a country of storytellers, and it is in listening to and telling our stories that healing will take place. We bring with us lessons learned and a new hope that no matter what lies ahead that together we will rise to the occasion. We are all travellers on a journey and never meant to walk alone. I close now with a message of hope with this Apache Prayer:

“Looking behind, I am filled with gratitude.
Looking forward, I am filled with vision.
Looking upward, I am filled with strength.
And looking within, I discover peace”