Suicide Prevention Code of Practice 

Staff and Board Directors attended a very informative Suicide Prevention Code of Practice session
on March 16th 2021. The information session provided practical ways of supporting staff who receive
queries from the community about dealing with suicide. The workshop covered:

•  introduction to the Suicide Prevention Code of Practice and the recommended guidelines
for suicide prevention in FRCs (recognising the warning signs, responding to the situation, self-care),
•  the role of Voluntary Boards of Directors around applying the Code of Practice in
their centre,
• further supports and training opportunities to help in the local implementation of
the Code of Practice.
Recognising signs and engaging with people who have suicidal thoughts is a key skill in connecting
them with resources that can help them stay safe. It is a learning journey for us all and we aim to
offer suitable training for everyone in the community including online programmes LivingWorks
Start – Suicide Prevention Skills Online and eSuicideTalk soon, and also face to face programmes like
safeTalk and ASIST.

To keep others safe from suicide we need to learn how to identify who might be at risk. It takes
courage and confidence to ask anyone about the topic of suicide but through open and honest
conversations we have nothing to lose.

To find out more about National FRC Mental Health Promotion Project visit
For details about the types of trainings available in Ireland go to
For more information or to register your interest in attending the suicide awareness training with
Trim FRC, contact