Our Story

About Us

Trim FRC is a locally based family support and community development project, based in the Mornington Estate in Trim. It was established in 2001 in response to a need to tackle disadvantage and poverty in Trim using a community development approach and to improve the functioning of the family unit.

The main aims and objectives of the centre are to identify and address issues of social exclusion and poverty in the immediate area of Trim town and to help foster an understanding of family and community development within the community.  The focus of the work is to empower families and the community to identify their own needs and explore solutions to best address these, and to create successful partnerships between voluntary and statutory agencies at community level. 

The project is managed by volunteer members of the local community who employ a Co-ordinator, Community Development Worker and an Administrator to implement a 3 year strategic community work plan.

Target groups include; parents, children & young people, men, women, migrants, older people, young women, people with disabilities, and the unemployed.

Some of the supports, activities and services provided by Trim FRC are:

  • Facilitate education and training courses for all the community in the centre
  • Run family support programmes and events in the Centre
  • Support the development of various groups in the community and provide facilities of the centre
  • Provide a support and information service to the local community on various rights, entitlements and housing with referral  to appropriate agencies when necessary
  • Run a low-cost counselling service
  • Link with relevant agencies to tackle disadvantage locally and raise these issues nationally

If you want to find out more, just send us an email to info@trimfrc.ie and we will get in touch with you.

Our Mission

Vision Statement

The Centre will be a safe, focal point within the whole community, fostering trust, confidence and development, resulting in a vibrant, self-supporting community and groups that engage in collective action for positive social change.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide resources, facilitation & support to individuals, families and groups in an informal, welcoming environment.

Guiding Principles/Statement of Values

  • Participation – building people’s capacity to identify issues and develop solutions to address these
  • Working towards equality and where necessary positively discriminating
  • Inclusive of all in society
  • Respect the individuals, community and society in all its diversity
  • Person centred – work with people from where they are
  • Children first – the needs of children are at the core of what we do
  • Collective action – bringing people together to effect change