Summer always ends with good memories…

We were so lucky to be able to hold our summer camps in our facilities this year. So grateful
to be able to have the local children together again making memories. Zoom can be so
useful for many different things, but as a youngster you just can’t beat mingling with your
peers while learning about the world in a safe environment.

This year we held the camps outdoors over the course of 4 weeks from July 6 th to July 30 th.
We split the camps into 3 groups – 6 to 9 year olds, 9 to 12 year olds and toddlers.
We also had a week where we took our campers to events around the town of Trim.
The children were in such high spirits it was hard not to join in and enjoy the infectious
positive energy. Seeing volunteers and staff working together again after so many months
apart was truly spectacular.

Week 1 was as I mentioned dedicated to 6 to 9 year olds although Week 2 followed a similar
structure while being catered for the older young person.

Day 1 we partook in arts and crafts exploring the children’s talents as well developing their
creativity. Our volunteer Vanessa made some beautiful crafts with them to take home and

Day 2 we were due to have a guest bee speaker in to teach the children all about bees but
unfortunately was unable to make it due to bee stings… Instead we played some interactive
games and engaged in some imaginative play.

Day 3 we had our music work shop with Meath Music Generation. We engaged in some
creative play as well as discovering new sounds and how to interact with them.

Day 4 was a mindfulness day which helped our participants discover the tools needed to
build a strong healthy relationship with their mental health. The day was catered towards
our young people and each person had creative art to take home as a token of the day.

Week 3 was all about getting out of our comfort zones and exploring the town of trim. This
week was catered towards the older young person of 10-12 years old.

Day 1 we planned to hold our kickboxing class but this had to be re-schedule so hopefully
we will be able to get all who signed up to get a taste of it on another day.

Day 2 was canoeing which was a massive hit! Each participant went home with a certificate
of completion which really set the tone as each person has a sense of accomplishment going

Day 3 we went on a walk around Trim and explored the area thanks to our volunteer
Cynthia. We ended the day with a snack picnic where each child got to relax and take in the
scenery of the town.

We finished our week 3 off with an arts and craft day painting the mural in the centres main
office. The young people did an incredible job making the mural wall pop with colour and
creative design.

We finished our month of Summer Programme off with a week dedicated to tiny tots and
toddlers! We engaged in lots of messy play and dancing. All while giving parents a chance to
connect, chat and recharge with a cuppa!

The final event we held was our annual trip. This year we took our locals on a day out to the
zoo to see a large variety of animals in the sunshine we were so thankful to get!

This year’s camps were such a hit we cannot wait to host more and create more memories
with children and volunteers from our local community.