Trim Family Resource Centre, 20 years of fun in the community!

This year marks our 20th year in Trim, 20 years of having fun, making friends and building our community into the vibrant and amazing place it is today. Mornington Heights has welcomed us with open arms and we hold each and every person who has walked through our doors, had a chat over a cuppa, called us on the phone, emailed us, donated their time or money to us, played golf on our fundraiser days, came to any event we’ve ever held (and there’s been loads) in our arms and hearts! You make us what we are and we thank you.

We have seen so many of you grow up before our very eyes, if the walls could talk I am sure they would have plenty tales to tell. We have seen the children from Mornington Heights, Trim and the surrounding areas come to our Youth groups, Camps and Community days out over the years, some of who are now introducing their children to our family. We can’t wait till we can have you all back in The Bungalow or for a cuppa at Number 22 Mornington Drive.

I am sure that Danny O’Brien, even though I never had the pleasure of knowing him- his tales and stories and magnificent photos hug every wall in the FRC, would be proud of how we have turned out. Proud of the amazing people who have worked, volunteered and given their time, smiles and knowledge to us over the years. Who we have learned so much from. 

We would love if you would share your memories of Trim FRC, a photo, a story, anything that reminds you of us (with a smile hopefully).

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