This is specifically for children aged 7 to 12 years old who have experienced family loss or separation in their lives. Rainbows offers peer support to children and young people as they seek to come to terms with grief and loss.

What is Rainbows?

Rainbows is a free, voluntary service for children and young people experiencing loss following bereavement and parental separation. The Rainbows service is an inclusive service, supporting children and young people experiencing grief and loss resulting from bereavement/parental separation/parental relationship breakdown /divorce. Attending the programme provides children with an opportunity to meet with other children of a similar age and loss experience, at a minimum of 3 months after the loss. It does not provide an individual one to one support service and does not provide counselling or a therapeutic level of intervention. The service is not and cannot be considered as a first response for a bereavement or loss that may be a more traumatic loss experience e.g. murder, suicide, car accident.

If you would like to know more about this programme contact rainbows@trimfrc.ie or Call 046 943 8850

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