Strengthening Families Programme

Strengthening Families

The Strengthening Families Programme is 14-week skills-based programme for families with children or teenagers to help build positive relationships. It was developed in the USA in 1982 and can now be found in more than 35 countries. It is a 3 skills programme that focuses on parent skills; child/teen skills; and family skills.
Families of all different shapes and sizes can apply to the programme. Any adult who takes a parenting role with a young person can be considered a “parent.” Extensive research has found that families experience a lot of improvements and benefits: Parent Skills – Increases positive parenting skills and confidence, monitoring and supervision Child/Teen Skills – Improves communication, problem solving and anger and behavioural control. Family Skills – Improves family attachment/bonding, harmony, communication, organization, family strengths and resilience.

Strengthening Families

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